Baofeng BF-T1

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Feature & Specification

Broadcast FM radio receiver (65-108Mhz)
Alarm and built-in LED flashlight
Max 20 channels
Time count down (0.5 / 1hr / … / 8hrs)
Voice prompt
VOX (voice activated transmission)
50 CTCSS tone / 104 DCS code / nonstandard tone available
Tail tone elimination
Battery saving
Width / Narrow band selection
SOS call notice
PC programming


Item number聽BF-T1
聽Frequency Range聽UHF: 400-470MHZ
聽Channel No.聽20
聽Frequency Stability聽卤2.5ppm
聽Step Frequency聽12.5 / 25Kz
聽Antenna Impedance聽50惟
聽Operating Voltage聽DC 3.7V
聽Work Temperature聽-20C to +60C
聽Battery Capacity聽H-1500mAH (Li-ion battery)
聽Battery Lift聽About 12 Hours
聽Dimension锛圵 x H x D锛聽108 x 55 x 21 mm 锛坕ncluding antenna锛
聽Weight聽120g锛坕ncluding battery, antenna锛
聽Output power聽0.5W / 1W
聽Modulation Mode聽16k桅F3E / 11k桅F3E
聽Maximum deviation聽锛5kHz(Wide) / 锛2.5kHz(Narrow)
聽 Spurious Radiation聽锛7.5渭W
聽Adjacent Ch. power聽鈮-65dB(Wide) / 鈮-60dB(Narrow)
聽Audio Distortion聽< 5%
聽SNR聽鈮 -45dB / 鈮 -40dB
聽CTCSS/DCS Frequency deviation (W/N Band)聽0.7卤0.1kHz(Wide) / 0.4卤0.1kHz(Narrow)
聽Intermediation sensitivity聽8-12mV
聽Transmitting Current聽鈮 1000mA
聽Audio Distortion聽5%
聽Receiving current聽鈮 380m A

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