Domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian to help industrial upgrading

BEIJING, Fuzhou, October 13 (Xinhua): China-made digital radio chips successful in Fujian boost industrial restructuring and upgrading R & D 


China Radio Communication Network breakthrough technology transition, domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian. 

13 Fujian Provincial Bureau of Information, said the radio industry in Fujian living first in the country, successfully developed digital radio special chip to fill the core technology in the industry self-sustaining R & D gaps, to draft the relevant aspects of digital radio ARC China also passed the national standard Standards Committee project review. 

Previously, Fujian has with the national wireless broadband network industry, specifically the establishment of strategic alliances and technical cooperation, joint development of digital radio technology and the development of national standards. Meanwhile, Fujian Fujian actively seek state support in a “rotation model” core technology R & D and industrialization demonstration bases, and the establishment of Fujian Mobile Communication Industry Alliance. 

According to the successful development of the Fujian joint extension ASIC technology, currently 95% of domestic use of walkie-talkie radio is analog, and digital radio is largely dependent on imports. “Chip in the top of the industry chain grasp the chip, stood on the commanding heights of industry, foreign companies can break the current in the digital radio industry monopoly.” 

At present, China’s production of the world’s total number of analog radio 70%, while the Fujian Quanzhou was the world’s largest production base, production of analog radio and accessories of more than 200 enterprises, annual production of about 700 million analog radio, but are low-end products, the output value is low. 

Analysis refers to the next five years, digital radio will completely replace analog radio, there are only 70 million domestic market for digital radio capacity, nearly $ 100 billion market. Such a large market size also led Fujian radio industry in the face of the “digital radio to replace analog radio” industry restructuring, faced with urgent decisions. 

Fujian Information Bureau revealed that in 2007 the “rotation model” working already into the preparation stage, when the September 13, Ministry of Information Industry released the “release” RF digital radio system equipment technical requirements “(Trial) notice “; formal promotion from December 2009 onwards, that time issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology” on the 150MHz, 400MHz radio frequency band-specific matters relating to planning and use of management notifications. “ 

Fujian look forward to this opportunity to promote a one hundred billion over the emerging communications industry cluster generation. Currently, 150MHz, 400MHz radio frequency band planning to develop specific work has been first launched in Fujian, as the “rotation model” implementation of the project to provide policy measures to protect, also support the development of the industry. 

At the recent “private enterprise industrial projects in Fujian Fair”, the United Tinto Technology 30 billion investment project in Quanzhou digital radio industry raised concerns.According to reports, the company developed their own special chip digital radio and ancillary product solutions, ASIC has vocoder software codec to achieve high performance and highly reliable receiver anti-jamming technology, automatic control technology and other features. The technology, once released, it caused the country’s nearly 80 radio producers attention. 


Currently, the State Radio Monitoring Center in Quanzhou to build national radio equipment testing laboratories will be put into use; Quanzhou is that “second five” growth will support the following scale industrial enterprises and other special funds cut out 30% per year, concentrated with to support the development of digital radio chip and the industry have a significant role in promoting the introduction of technology, equipment modification and new product development, take the initiative in the development of digital radio industry. 

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