Domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian to help industrial upgrading

BEIJING, Fuzhou, October 13 (Xinhua): China-made digital radio chips successful in Fujian boost industrial restructuring and upgrading R & D  Reporters TID TWO WAY RADIO China Radio Communication Network breakthrough technology transition, domestic research and development of digital radio chips successful in Fujian.  13 Fujian Provincial Bureau of Information, said the radio industry in Fujian living first in the country, successfully developed digital radio special chip to fill the core technology in the industry self-sustaining R & D gaps, to draft the relevant [...]

Platform to build industry, to promote development of the industry total

In the first part of a heavy day – Chinese New Year products at the show, from Shenzhen, Quanzhou radio business for nearly 20 shows in 08 years their main product, attracting a large number of concept development staff, and the atmosphere is very warm.  February 13, 2008, the annual meeting of industry associations radios Quanzhou Quanzhou Yicheng hotels in successfully held. According to organizers, the conference aims to Quanzhou radios industry to provide an interactive platform for the development of [...]

Why do I need a two-way radio?

Today, almost everybody owns a cell phone or smart phone, but sometimes these phones are not the best choice for business communication amongst co-workers. Two-way radios are convenient, affordable, dependable and an extremely exceptional business communication tool that will keep co-workers in constant communication without worrying about cell phone signal strength or data plans. With two-way radios, no number has to be dialed to reach anyone; instead communication is achieved with a simple press of a button. This instant [...]

Shanghai property sector will regulate and standardize the use of radio frequency transceiver

Yesterday, the Shanghai Radio Administration Bureau and the city property management departments to communicate, the two sides had unauthorized use of residential property management company shall not, without the initial registration of the radios agree. In the future, the city’s property sector will use the specifications and norms band radios.    The experts said the radio side, a walkie-talkie is a hand-held radio, walkie-talkie without registration takes a national radio frequency resources, the resulting frequency interference, is likely to affect the normal [...]