Platform to build industry, to promote development of the industry total

In the first part of a heavy day – Chinese New Year products at the show, from Shenzhen, Quanzhou radio business for nearly 20 shows in 08 years their main product, attracting a large number of concept development staff, and the atmosphere is very warm. 

February 13, 2008, the annual meeting of industry associations radios Quanzhou Quanzhou Yicheng hotels in successfully held. According to organizers, the conference aims to Quanzhou radios industry to provide an interactive platform for the development of summing up the experience in 2007 while in 2008 in Quanzhou radio industry has made further development and lay a good foundation.

 Quanzhou radio industry associations as an important member of the director, HYT also invited to participate in the meeting. In the product at the show, HYT’s products on display once, immediately aroused the concept of development personnel field attention, we have to stand before the inquiry and trial products. The HYT08 new year, and TC-780 TC-980 is more powerful by virtue of its design won the favor of everyone.

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