Abbree AR-889G

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1.GPS function(Fix position; Distance measurement; Position sharing)
2.Night Mode
3.Backlight mode
4.Duplex different / same band transfer function
5.Duplex working mode (A zone transmit, B zone receive)
6.Dual receive
AB zone duplex working (in the same or different frequency, AB zone all can receive contemporary)
7. Super colorful 1.77inch LCD display
8.Dual display (Large screen dual band display, two completely operation system)
9.Offset frequency setting and frequency direction setting
10.Duplex repeater UHF to VHF or VHF to UHF
11.999 memory channel
12.Output power: VHF: 10W, 5W,L: 1W; UHF : H: 8W,5W,L:1W
13.CTSS/DCS, CTSS/DCS scan function
14.VOX function
15.Definition function of Multi-side key
16.Caller ID display
17.Main caller ID display
19.All Calls, Group Calls and Selective Calls
20.SOS function
21.Priority Scan Function
22.Remote emergency alarm
23.Wide/Narrow bandwidth Selection(12.5KHZ/25KHZ)
24.Operating voice prompts in English and Chinese
25.Display in English and Chinese
26.Single Tone Pulse Frequency: 2100Hz/1750Hz/1000Hz/1450Hz(signaling for activating repeater)
27.Reverse Frequency
28.Stopwatch function

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